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The best portable tire inflator: 2019

ONTEL Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor, Easy to Read Digital Pressure Gauge, Built in LED Light

Hello readers, it’s Tom, back again for another product review. This time around I am going to be telling you which tire inflator gets my thumbs up for being the best you can currently buy on the internet. The factors I will review are price, features and portability.


This Ontel tire inflator is the best portable tire inflator you can buy. This snazzy device will fill your tires in 90 seconds or less and come’s with some great features, including:

  • Build in LED light – an absolute lifesaver if you ever break down in the dark
  • Digital LED tire gauge – read tire pressure and inflate to certain PSI with pinpoint accuracy
  • Automatic inflation – no tiring hand actions
  • Automatic shutoff – never overinflate and risk ruining your tires or other items

These features, at this price point is absolutely fantastic. Now I’ve mentioned price…


Brand new, you can pick this up for $34.99, but if you’re willing to go with a less reputable seller than Amazon, you can pick it up for $28. For something as useful as this car/ball/inflatable pump, the price is not much at all. This will last you a long time, and having something like this on hand in case you break down in the dark on the highway – forget about it. This is worth it for that one scenario alone.


Speaking of that, how small is this thing? Weighing in at 2.93 pounds and being 11 inches in height, this the best portable tire inflator at this size. Not only can you carry it in your pocket, but your bag or car and you will never notice it. Until you need it that is.

Final thoughts

Rounding up, this Ontel inflator is the best portable air pump for car tires and anything else you could want. It’s reasonably prices and comes jam packed with features. You will not regret this buy if you pick this up.

Thank you for reading another review. Let me know if you want anything else reviewed or have any other suggestions.

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